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Recent job offers:

PhD position (f/m/d)

Neuroimmune interactions in the Gut

A Ph.D. position is available from 01.04.2021 within the framework of the Transregio consortium Erlangen-Berlin.

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate willing to take on an independent research project that investigates neuro-immune-epithelial interactions in the gastrointestinal tract. The Becker laboratory investigates programmed cell death pathways and how they affect the development, progression, and resolution of chronic gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders.

The project will focus on neuro-immune-epithelial-microbial crosstalk employing a wide variety of methods. These include primary neuronal culturing, 3D organoid culturing and co-culturing from transgenic mouse models and patient biopsies, viral and CRISPR-CAS9 mediated gene editing, transcriptomic and metagenomics profiling, lineage tracing in transgenic mouse models.

Dr. Jay Patankar
Tel.: +49 (0) 9131 85 39530

Bewerbung mit vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen (vollständiger Lebenslauf, alle Zeugnisunterlagen sowie Empfehlungsschreiben von Betreuern bisheriger Forschungsarbeiten, Publikationsliste) senden Sie bitte als eine PDF-Datei an:

Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
Medizin 1 / Kussmaul-Forschungscampus
Frau Ina Schlelein
Hartmannstr. 14
91052 Erlangen

Medical Doctoral Researcher

The iRTG-TRR241 offers a two-year-track educational program for medical doctoral researchers.

Highlights of the iRTG-TRR241 MD program:

The ability to focus on experimental research for a reserved period of time during the medical studies.

  • iRTG-TRR241 granted fellowships
  • A structured scientific education in a well-established research environment
  • Early establishment of scientific networks (close interaction between Universitätsklinikum Erlangen and Charité Berlin)


Schedule of the MD program:

up to 6 months

Theoretical & technical training

  • Technical training in methodical skills
  • Theoretical preparation for the research project
  • Parallel with normal university education
8 - 12 months

Full-time experimental research

  • Possibility to apply for an iRTG-granted fellowship (8–12 months)
up to 6 months

Write a thesis

  • Parallel to regular studies

Contact in Erlangen:
Ina Schlelein
Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
Hartmannstrasse 14
91052 Erlangen
Tel. 09131 / 85 35874

Contact in Berlin:
Erika Bühler
Charité University Medicine Berlin
Campus Benjamin Franklin
Hindenburgdamm 30
12200 Berlin
Tel. 030 / 8445 4396