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PD Dr. Claudia Günther
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Mechanisms linking IFN-mediated mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein activation with intestinal inflammation
PD Dr. Claudia Günther
Despite the fact that interferons (IFNs) act at mucosal surfaces, limited knowledge is available on the molecular mechanism of their mucosal functions. Our unpublished data suggest a major contribution of IFN-induced programmed necrosis to the pathogenesis of intestinal inflammation. Accordingly, IFNs promote non-apoptotic epithelial cell death, upregulation of mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein and loss of immune homeostasis. The central question of this project is if and by which pathways epithelial IFN-regulated necrosis contributes to intestinal inflammation. We aim to discover novel functions of IFNs in immune-epithelial communication that could be targeted for future therapeutic intervention.