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Kick Off Meeting in Berlin
October 8th - 9th, 2018

During the first official meeting after the grant approval of the SFB/TRR241 the executive board and Spokespersons were confirmed. Moreover, Dr. med. Imke Atreya (Erlangen) was elected as Coordinator for Equal Chances Measures. Daniela Hernandez (Berlin) and Annette Stahl (Erlangen) will support the executive board as PhD representatives.

In addition to progress reports from all projects, an important agenda item was to discuss the few points of criticism mentioned during the on-site review, such as data management and the implementation of 3R principles. In four round table meetings important topics regarding the IBDome-Project, iRTG, data management and the 3R concept were discussed. As a short-term goal a platform will be established to share experimental data between Erlangen and Berlin. As a goal for 2019 and 2020, a murine tissue bank for colitis models and SOPs will be established in order to ensure the comparability of the experiments.